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Viji’s Bio

Mr. S. J. P. Vijayakumar (Viji) is the son-in-law of Dr. D. S. Spurgeon, founder of Light of Hope Mission. He is married to Dr. Spurgeon's eldest daughter Gigi. They have one daughter, Nesha.

Viji was born and raised in the Hindu-dominated city of Madurai, Tamilnadu, known as the Temple City. He holds a Masters Degree in Business and has held several prestigious positions in the travel and airline industries. In 1995, he resigned his position as Marketing Manager of NEPC Airlines in order to dedicate his life to full-time ministry to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Viji studied at Crichton College, Memphis, Tennessee, during the school year 1994-95. During this time, he realized he knew little of the Bible though he was born into a Christian family and was a regular church-goer. This awakening gave him the burden of revealing God's word to his people. After his return from America, his intention was to establish a Bible college through which to teach the Bible to his people in clear terms. Initially, God led him through many struggles and difficulties until he found God's will for the Bible college project.

In 2002, God graciously provided three acres of land with the help of the mission organization Christ for the World, in Orlando, Florida, USA, where we established Light of Hope Learning Centre (LHLC). Beginning in 2003, the administrative block, chapel, and hostel blocks were added.

LHLC offers a one-year Bachelors Degree program in Theology, effective June 2003, to youngsters from villages who are neither eligible to study nor able to pay their tuition in any established seminaries. The course is residential and we offer free boarding and lodging to the students. Four groups of students have passed out of our portals with dedication to serve the Lord. The classes for the fifth group have commenced effective July, 2008.

Currently, Viji is in charge of the Madurai branch of Light of Hope Mission, and also the administrator of the Light of Hope Learning Centre.

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